to the world of Kāpiti
A bold, vibrant place where taste and possibility live…

Kāpiti ice cream was founded in 1984 by Ross McCallum and Neville McNaughton at Lindale Farm in the Lower North Island near New Zealand’s capital Wellington.   With a single-minded devotion to creating an experience to savour using the finest dairy in the world, they started producing cheese. As the business grew, they were generating a surplus of fresh cream, so they used it to make ice cream. Word soon spread through the Wellington region about the most delicious ice cream turning the farm into a food destination.  Today Kāpiti premium ice cream is made in New Zealand by Tip Top and while the scale of production has grown significantly over the years, we still honour the delicious creaminess and innovative flavours that set Kāpiti apart all those years ago. 

‘Where Nature meets Indulgence’

The philosophy behind Kāpiti and its commitment to excellence remains the same. Taking the purest ingredients inspired by the natural environment found at the bottom of the earth, creating amazing ice cream that will take you on an incredible journey from first to the last bite.  

Let us take you on a taste adventure…